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Do You...

  • Feel like time keeps passing your by while you are sitting at your desk?
  • Feel like you are not getting traction with what is truly important in your professional life?
  • Feel like your dreams keep getting put on hold?
  • Dread getting up and facing the day?

Are You...

  • Just going through the motions at work with no clear direction or purpose?
  • Considering changing jobs because you are no longer fulfilled in what you do?
  • Feeling stuck, watching the clock to see if it is 5:00 yet or do you keep asking "Is it Friday yet"?
  • Sitting at your desk, saying to yourself "there must be more to life than what I am doing"?

Now Imagine...

  • You wake up every morning knowing you are fulfilling your purpose, vision and dreams!
  • Being excited to get out of bed and face the day ahead!
  • Not realizing it is 5:00 and you don't know where the day went because you were having so much fun!
  • You have goals that you are working on each day that are in alignment with your assignment!
  • You are living every day with clarity and purpose!

My name is Todd Carlisle. I am a Navy veteran, husband and father. I provide professionals with clarity, direction, and confidence in their personal and professional lives to dream big and maximize their potential while thriving in a purpose driven career.

I have loved bears as long as I can remember. After recovering from Covid in October 2020, I felt I needed to start to share some of the lessons that I am learning in my coaching and my time reading and meditating on the Word. I came across some posts on a Pow Wow site I follow that had bear pictures. I felt like the Lord showed me that adding bear pictures to my social media posts can bring life to my shares. I love seeing the personalities in the bears in the pictures I share and I feel like a lot of times the bear pictures resonates with the word I am sharing.

Bears are powerful, smart, wise, cunning and beautiful. They inspire respect. Their strength and powerful stature inspire me to step into a leadership role in my life and take action without fear. Up until the last year or so, I have been paralyzed by fear. Bears teach us to have strength in adversity and be fearless in action. With Action Comes Clarity...I am learning that daily, it seems.

It was almost 10 years ago that I discovered I was not excited about my life. I was wondering what was wrong with me. Was it the church we were attending? Was it my job? Was it where we were living? I was not satisfied with much in my life. I was going to work on Monday asking if it was Friday yet.(joking sometimes, but wishing it was others) I would find myself watching the clock looking forward to 5:00 after a couple of hours at the office.

I was stuck and I did not know how to get unstuck.

Long story short, my wife and I attended a "Destiny Weekend". It was amazing and allowed us to feel the love of God and realize we were designed for purpose and driven by passion. A few months later I joined the John Maxwell Team as a Coach, Speaker and Trainer. A few years ago, I participated in an amazing and transformation workshop and it brought clarity to my purpose.

After moving from Kentucky to Utah and going through 2 bouts of Covid, I responded to an invitation to deep dive into the transformational workshop I had completed a few years ago and WOW! This time I was more engaged and I dug deep. HUGE TRANSFORMATION!

NOW, I want to offer YOU that same opportunity that I had. Join me for the next Blueprint for Success Workshop!

If this describes you...

Join Todd as he takes you on an experiential journey of discovery, creation and achievement. You will be guided interactively through this signature workshop where you will discover your own unique living-breathing blueprint for success. You will gain clarity on your purpose, vision, passion, and plan. You will also learn what’s holding you back from the success you desire and breakthrough them once and for all!

Our virtual Blueprint for Success Workshop was created for YOU!! It is time to live out the purpose you were designed and created for!

If you are feeling a passion for walking in the fullness of your assignment, you just won’t settle for less, and you have a strong desire to transition from the normal to the extraordinary, this event is for you.

This transformational, life altering event has limited seating to create an exclusive VIP experience where you get one on one access to Todd and interaction with like-minded, amazing purpose-driven professionals.

What is included:

  • Virtual One-Day Blueprint for Success Workshop!
  • Your Very own Blueprint for Success.
  • A Foundation and Blueprint based on your Purpose, Vision and Goals.
  • A clear and specific path to get you into alignment with your purpose on your way to a thriving, purpose-driven career!

What others are saying

"Blueprint For Success helped me uncover my true purpose and passion. The facilitation of the workshop was done exceptionally and I feel confident in my ability to help and add value to others with what I've learned."

~Felix Mack

"Wow! I had no idea how bogus stories were negatively impacting my success in life and work. The Blueprint For Success workshop showed me how to identify these stories and shred them to pieces!"

~Suzanne Bryant Miller, PhD

"This workshop is life changing! It helped me identify obstacles that I didn't know I had, to reach goals I did know I could reach."

~Angela Decoteau

“Our bogus stories can be our bogus stories continuously if we don't reinforce our truth – CONSISTENTLY – through the good times in life as well as when we feel & experience life challenges.”

~Dana Bickford

"My greatest take away is that I can walk away from this 'success seminar' with clarity. I can do this as I lean in completely and allow the spirit of awareness to open my eyes to my purpose, my passion and my vision. And I can own this!!"

~Gail Dickens

"Blueprint For Success is an awesome program that will help you find clarity on your purpose and vision. It's a program that digs deep to excavate the attributes that make you unique. You have an opportunity to bring to the light issues that have hindered you from living a purposeful life."

~Monique Moore


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